All products made by CIER are constantly checked by the ultimate generation laboratory, which carries out physico-chemical controls to guarantee, beyond the quality of the product, even the conformity to food contact in respect of currents legislations.

The lab uses the best instrument to perform exams and control tests, including ICP-OES, GC-MS, GC-HSS, IR, DSC, FT-IR, capillary viscometer, colorimeter, hydrostatic balance, humidity analyzers, thermobalances, pH meter, MFI, analytical sieve shaker, dynamometer, comparator between measures of thickness, injection press for ISO tests.

Everything is certified from our technician, who attach all features’data in every spedition to make the best the characteristics of our granules, minces and PET rigid films.

Most of the control aims at providing a quality which has to be constant over time, for years the challenge of making consistent our material is won and renewed continuously.

Every order is managed individually and it is followed in every step from the arrival of the raw material to the delivery of our products, the care oriented to every single order is aside from the quantitative.

CierLab, in collaboration with the best Universities and approved laboratories, other than giving life to the division R&D which takes care of researching and developing new applications, is able to supply, under request, every analysis of its products, safeguarding both who manipulates and transforms and the consumers of the goods that would be produced with CIER products.