Food Entertainment is the trademark signed CIER which contains in its all the vision if a team for whom its packaging is not limited to wrapping but acts as guarantor of the food that contains, by being guardian and entertainer of it along the whole manufacturing chain.

Nowadays all food is the final product of a long and accurate production chain, which starts with breeders and growers, which passes through refined processings and which ends on top of the table of consumer, preserving the richness of traditions and stories carried out in smells and tastes which have to be preserved from the perfect packaging.

Food Entertainment packaging enjoys CIER experience and research to take care of food conservation, defending taste, conservation and originality before anything else, in front of every vicissitude, allowing even to who is halfway around the world to enjoy a food which has home-taste, the home we propose to safeguard firmly.

Food Entertainment is a PET rigid film realized in bobbins. It can be monolayer, made by virgin polymer, or created in three layers with ABA structure, the external layers in virgin polymer and the internal one in recycled polymer.

For those who appreciate the green and ecological approach for which CIER has been fighting for generations, the virgin polymer can be substituted, under request, with R-PET Food Approved granule signed CIER, suitable for food contact and destined to packaging thermoforming for food industry, for a product 100% eco-friendly.

All the raw materials needed for rigid film production are internally made by CIER, exception done for virgin PET, which is supplied exclusively from European producers.

There are lots of researches to enhance before a packaging becomes the packaging, for this Food Entertainment leans to Cier Lab to guarantee the quality and the transparency of a never seen before product: the one which entertains food.

Certificazione BRC

CIER Srl has obtained the BRC Iop (British Retail Consortium) certification for food use packaging manufacturers.

The BRC Iop standard was created to protect consumers and provides a common base for the certification of packaging suppliers for the food industry. It responds to the requests specifically supported by the Great Organized Distribution (GDO) Anglo-Saxon on the hygienic-health safety of materials that will come into contact with food.

BRC Iop is a standard that can be placed among private product certification schemes, but with an integrated vision, including system requirements typical of ISO standards.

The requirements of the standard are detailed and specific, in fact BRC Iop explicitly refers to measures and methods of management of food safety hazards arising from packaging or packaging materials, detailing with a very rigid approach also the standards of the production plant (infrastructure, work environment, staff, training etc …), for this reason obtaining and maintaining a certification according to the BRC Iop standard is a guarantee of high production standards also for the final consumer of food and drinks.